Case 1: Physical Exam

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Physical Exam: 

VA: Hand Motions at 1 foot OU (cannot see big “E” which = 20/400)
EOM: full
Confrontation Visual Fields (CVF): full OU
Pupils: PERLLA
External exam: lids WNL, conjunctiva quiet, cornea clear, anterior chamber formed, iris flat

white cataract eyewikiImage credit

Fundoscopy: absent red reflex no view to posterior pole

What’s at the top of your differential diagnosis? Choose 3 before moving on!
Diabetic retinopathy, in the setting of steroid use
Hypertensive retinopathy
Central retinal vein occlusion
Central retinal artery occlusion
Refractive error
Retinal detachment
Vitreous hemorrhage

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