Case 3: Introduction

History of Present Illness (HPI)

A 70 year old male with a history of well controlled HTN and DM presents complaining of floaters in the right eye which he first noticed about a week ago. He hasn’t noticed a change in his vision but finds them very distracting. He’s never had such symptoms before. Without his glasses he states he’s “blind as a bat” and states he’s always required thick glasses since childhood. He denies pain or discharge. His last eye exam was about 6 months ago, at which time he states he was told he had mild cataract but no evidence of diabetic retinopathy.

Of the following additional historical questions, which is the most important to ask? Choose 1 before moving on!
History of diabetic retinopathy
History of eye surgery
History of retinal detachment
Associated flashes
Associated pain with eye movement
History of contact lens wear

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