Case 5: Ophtho Visit

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In reviewing the note from the ophthalmologist you find the following information:

Intraocular pressures: OD 25 mmHg, OS 23 mmHg 

An attached copy of the patient’s visual field test shows the following:

glaucoma VF

LEFT EYE                                                                  RIGHT EYE

An attached copy of the patient’s optical coherence tomography shows the following:

glaucoma OCT

The ophtho note reads as follows:

“POAG – elevated IOP off drops for a few months.  C/D 0.9-0.95 OU. Severe constriction on visual fields OU. Diffuse thinning of optic nerves OU on OCT. Restart all glaucoma drops. Follow up 1 week for IOP check.” 

Which of the following are counseling considerations for this patient? Click all that apply:
Patient should be counseled against driving
Patient should be offered low vision referral/services
Patient should be advised that his family members should be screened for this condition
Patient should be advised to reduced salt intake
Patient should be advised not to fly

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