Case 6: Physical Exam

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Answer: All of the complications listed except macular degeneration, are possible ocular complications of diabetes.

Before examining the patient, you find a recent Hgb A1c in the chart which indicates a value of 14%. Select vitals are as follows: BP 162/94, HR 78

Physical exam: 

VA with correction: 20/50 OU
EOM: full
Confrontation Visual Fields (CVF): full 
Pupils: PERLLA
External exam: lids within normal limits, conjunctiva quiet, cornea clear, anterior chamber formed, iris flat bilaterally 
Intraocular pressures: On palpation the eyes do not feel firm

Which of the following are you mostly likely to see on fundoscopic exam:

image credit for above option D

He was referred to see ophthalmology within a month.

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