Ophtho On Call Case 1: Additional History

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Answer: All of the questions listed are important! 

Additional History:

Your emergency medicine colleague tells you that the patient is myopic with “thick glasses” and had no associated trauma. She has never had any other ophthalmic diagnoses in the past or any other surgeries. The patient is symptomatic in her right eye. The flashes of lights initially started off as one peripheral “camera flash” that lasted for a second- they have progressively worsened in frequency and are happening more times during the day than before. Her central vision is fine but she notices that the blurry part in her vision has gotten progressively bigger and closer to the center of her vision in the last day.

What’s on your differential diagnosis at this time? Click all that apply
Retinal detachment
Ocular migraine
Posterior vitreous detachment
Ocular inflammation
Optic neuritis
Idiopathic intracranial hypertension

You rush to evaluate the patient.  

What are the most important exams you must do PRIOR to any dilation?
rAPD check
IOP check
AC depth check

Click here for the physical exam!

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