Peds Ophtho Case 2: Physical Exam

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Physical Exam: 

General appearance: Well appearing and in no respiratory distress
Vitals: Temp: 37C, BP: 75/55, HR: 130, RR 45, O2 sat: 99%, Weight: 5,100g (10th percentile), Height: 57 cm
Visual acuity: Follows flashlight in all directions OU
Pupils: OD Equal and reactive to light OU, no rAPD OU, +red reflex OU
EOM: full OU, no nystagmus OU
Intraocular pressures (IOP): Soft to palpation OU

You notice the infant starts to cry when you cover his left eye but seems less upset upon covering the right eye.

Below is an image of the patient’s external eye exam:

esotropia imageAbove Image Credit

How would you describe the patient’s external eye exam? Pick one before moving on.

Because of the above findings, the patient is referred for pediatric ophthalmology evaluation. 

Click here for the answer and for the exam at the ophthalmology visit!

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