Ophtho On Call Case 6: Additional History

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Answer: Based on the provided information, the patient may have a metal foreign object in his eye. Thus, it is important to determine his tetanus immunization status. The patient reports that his last tetanus booster was four years ago.

Additional History: 

Following the injury, the patient’s friends called 911. The patient reports significant loss of vision, irritation, pain rated 10/10, discharge, and tearing of the eye. He does not know if the BB pellet is still in his eye. He denies any prior ocular history or surgery. He denies any prior trauma to the eye. Prior to the injury he saw well without glasses in both eyes. 


Before beginning the physical exam, what precautions do you want to take? Click all that apply
Gently perform eye exam using sterile gloves
Elevate the head of the bed
Check intraocular pressures
Patch the eye with gauze
Flush the eye with sterile water 


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